Is Your Life An Open Book?

As I relax in my rocking chair, sipping coffee in my balcony, listening to the birds singing, watching kids playing in the garden, my phone beeps and in a flash of a second, my concentration shifts from my solitude to my life on the social network. There I have, plenty of likes and comments on the recent pictures of my weekend getaway (holiday) I have uploaded for people to see. Admist all this, I ask myself, “how personal is my life today?” In a generation of rapidly growing technology, with so many social networks around us, ample likes and comments or should I say compliments luring us, pictures and selfie uploads, our life has become an open book with many readers.

Earlier when social networking sites had taken off, they were mostly to find old friends, stay in touch with them, may be discuss social points/concerns, at the most upload a status message or a two. But today, it’s more of picture uploads, who’s doing what at the moment, right from selfies to what movie one is watching and with whom, whose dating whom, whose getting married and who all are the barathis. Even if we are attending a puja or visiting a temple needs to be updated. And by the time this generation grows up to start accessing these networks, who knows what it’s going to be like? How much of socialising is the limit? Well, we really do not know and why should we. There are people who want to take a break, may be getaway for the weekend with family and friends, but even that’s on the social forum so is it truly a break and if yes then break from what is a question that one needs to answer to self. By falling prey to the vast internet world, we forget to spend quality time with our own loved ones with whom we are physically present. We forget to give ourselves some personal space or free time to may be introspect, love oneself.

I remember a cousin’s wedding that I recently attended where I noticed close friends and family who had travelled all the way from different places to attend, share love and happinessbut were indulged in clicking pictures, tagging each other and uploading it for the world to see, losing up on the most valuable and cherished moments. The value that the most important people need is lost. Is this what we have come to?

My childhood memories were more fun. As we grew to teenagers, we spent time with friends in a coffee shop or a friend’s place to simply chat, have fun and celebrate togetherness. But today, we get together to let the world know what we are up to.

Today, everyone in my list knows my whereabouts, how much and what shopping I do, how many weddings or places I have visited, so much more. I only know a fact that though the world is getting smaller and closer through these networks, we are becoming more socially ill than active. Anything in excess isn’t safe and we know that, yet we are all doing it, some knowingly and some unknowingly. But the sooner we realise, the better.


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