One Life To Live, One Life To Love- Make Sure You Make The Best

My friend, Natasha, a young, beautiful lady was making herself a cup of tea. Lost in thoughts, she asked herself if she had made the best of the times that life gave her. As she looked back at all the passing years, she could visualise some of her most cherished moments, how her work life experienced certain highs and lows, her new life as a daughter-in-law, speding time with husband and kids and much more. But then has she actually lived her life the way she always wanted to? Well, the answer is not that simple.

There have been times, when she had stopped herself from doing things she loved to do thinking of what people might think, or how it would get across to the others and some things she gave up for her family’s happiness. She was a complete tomboy as a child and loved herself that way but it wasn’t long that she was asked to behave herself by her parents and change the way she looks or feels. She also had a fascination for riding bikes but did not ride thinking of how the neighbours would take it, always wanted to carry a boycut hairstyle but did not respecting her family’s ideology that it’s only a boy thing and not meant for girls. She aspired to become a biker but killed/surpressed her dream because elders and teachers wanted her to choose a profession that’s well accepted and respected for girls in the society. They believed that biking isn’t meant for good girls. She then chose to be a professor in college.

There’s another friend of mine, Maya, who’ always chirpy, fun loving lady. She dreamt of being a model but again she gave up her dream for her family and her husband to be wouldn’t approve of it. She loves to dress up well, pamper herself and be around (socialise) the best of people, but slowly she had to give up all of it becsude of family priorities. She is now working in an MNC but somewhere deep down in her heart still felt she should have pursued her passion for what she loved. As a child, both of them listened to their aunties and teachers of what they should do or not do, as teenagers they listened to their parents and elders of what to wear and what not to, as adults they were bothered about neighbours and society of what to pursue and what not, where to go and when to be back. Now one of them is a young professor, wife, daughter in law and the other a corporate employee, wife, mother and daughter in law. They now listen to their husbands, kids and in-laws. They live their lives the way they are expected to live by everyone around them. Everytime they think of doing something they love, they pause to think of how people would react, not realising that they are missing out on their own life and dreams. Towards the end of their lives/journeys, it’s only they alone who are going to look back and all that they are going to feel is ‘regret’ for having stopped themselves and their desires. Ofcourse we have to look at the brighter side of life, but it’s these moment’s that we have missed make it difficult. Life reminds us of these when time’s gone.

I’m sure many of us at some point in our lives, must have suppressed our feelings and refrained ourselves from doing what we love. Never realising that we have one life to live and just one life to love. Over the years, as time flies and we grow old, we look back at our lives to see what all we’ve missed and this feeling is difficult to accept. What did we give it up for? Sometimes for our loved ones, in-laws/family priority, society. We have learnt with experience that time doesn’t come back. It doesn’t give you another chance to experience what you wanted to. That’s why promise not to waste time over what people will think rather live life the way it pleases you. Fly if you love to, scream if you want to, be crazy, be bold, strech your limits, be your ownself for you are special and unique. I believe that life is not about living yourself, it’s about creating yourself.

Nobody else can live your life. So, live the life you love and love the life you live.


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