True Love Has Nothing To Prove

As the most eagerly awaited Valentine’s Day comes to an end, you finish witnessing all the love in the air, smell of the roses, display of love on social media and in public, couples gifting each other. With hearts pouring out their love for each other on the social networks, we also saw couples all across uploading their couple pictures as DPs as mark of their love for each other, many also shared to the world about their gifts. Noticing lovey-doveys sharing their love, spending time on candle light dinners, malls and shopping places all around making the best sales on this occasion. There’s all these happening and suddenly all the love seems to be over as soon as this big day comes to an end. On the other hand, I  see a different section of lovers like me who do not believe in public displays of love. Occasion doesn’t matter, it’s all about cherishing every moment. For me, love is a very personal term and there is no one day to celebrate love. Love is always in the air, alive between the couple and it only grows with time. I am a person who believes that love doesn’t need to be publicized. Even if I have to wish my husband a beautiful Valentine’s day, I would rather do it to him personally or leave in a personal small note/an SMS or find ways to make him feel special, and not show to the world of how much we love each other. Sure enough, there are many different believers of love.

With times changing, meaning of love also seems to be changing. Earlier, love had a very personal touch. Exchanging letters, greeting cards and calls. Not even another member of the family/house would know what the couple is upto. But today, the instant action is to let it out to the world. Right from how one spent the day celebrating it to what gifts one received, it’s all out in open. Can’t one do away without publicising love? Does it mean that you love less? Why would I want my friends to know what I have gifted or received? Why would I want anyone to know what wonderful time I have spent with my husband?

Well, these are changing times. Today, it’s more about public displays and expressions. We do not know where to draw the line. All I understand is true love doesn’t need to display itself or prove to the world. The question is how far can one go in publicising ones personal life. It’s even greater now because of the liberty one has to exercise their feelings. While there’s nothing wrong in displaying love openly, I feel the true essence of a personal experience of love between just the couple is lost.

I’m not against celebrating an occasion, event or day but I just feel it can be done away with showing off too much of one’s personal life to the world because then there is nothing ‘personal’ about it anymore. Until then, share and celebrate the love between you for all you know- ‘love is forever unconditional’. Cheers!


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