Being a stay-at-home mother is truly a ‘Test Of Patience’

Everyone has good days and not so good days when handling kids, especially toddlers. They need an extra of everything, extra time and attention, extra understanding and most of all extra patience from the mother per se. This is one of those phases for me when it’s not a smooth sailing in the journey of motherhood. I definitely enjoy the company of my child and every moment that I spend with her. Infact I’m blessed to be able to spend that time with her but you know, there are those moments when you want to pull your hair apart and run away from a situation simply because you don’t know how to handle it anymore. There are those times when no stress management class or techniques work in your favour, no positive thoughts help you calm down, no reverse counting /countdown, etc., work. So what is a mother supposed to do then? You ofcourse cannot run away how much ever you want to do it. 

There are some notions that people have regarding sahm that they get time to relax or rest or take a nap but for all of those thoughts, come over to watch for yourself to believe it. Infact, my own husband has said this to me couple of times – “why don’t you sleep when she sleeps?” so who on earth is going to do the other household jobs? Well, I do have the privilege of a maid and a cook but still there are certain jobs that you have to do on your own too and can happen only when the child is asleep. I wonder what happens to mothers who don’t even have this help… I’m with you ladies! Even the simplest of necessities of taking a bath patiently seems like a faraway dream. The very moment the mother decides to sit down to take a deep breath and feel alive, she hears the baby cry and call out for mumma. I make sure to keep my daughter busy with all that she loves and sit down to have my breakfast but no she doesn’t like the idea of her momma relaxing, so she decides to not play with all that used to interest her until few Mins ago and wants her mumma to get up and go get something else. Okay! So I get her some favourite coloring books and crayons. Shes happy with them for a couple of mins then decides to jump on me as if I were her bean bag, right when I’m trying to push that sandwich into my mouth. 

So these tales are never ending and if you thought this was it, you’re highly mistaken! The real part starts when they have to cry for absolutely nothing on earth. You bet, you wouldn’t be able to figure out the real reason for that nagging (infact there’s no reason). It seems like that’s their favorite past time. So in the midst of playing, they realize that mumma is relaxing a bit or she seems quiet comfortable, so it’s time to scream….. Mumma decides to visit the loo but hell breaks down right then. Banging on the door and mumma has no peace even inside there. Feeding food is the most frantic affair of the entire parenting experience. Come what may, it’s beyond their liking to eat all at one time…. Mumma has to become a total entertainer, right from becoming a monkey to dancing like one, singing rhymes, showing cartoons etc etc., to make sure the bowl of food fills the Lil one’s tummy.

Mumma tries to finish the household chores quickly and decides to take a nap but no, she has no right to take a nap… The moment she hits the bed, the kiddo decides to start turning, moving and making all kind of signs to signal that it’s time for her to get up! My own mother once told me that I make ‘baby care’ sound like a huge task. But honestly, yes it is when you’re the only one looking after your baby day and night, 24/7 without even a coffee break. You must have read many articles that advice mothers to take a walk, pamper themselves for sometime in a day, etc etc., but nothing helps when you’re being hammered or drilled in your head. That continuous nagging of I want this and that, crying for what need I never understand. I truly feel being an sahm is a test of time and patience… This piece is just my feelings that I’m sharing here. Not that I don’t like the whole experience of motherhood. I’m sure every mother loves that. Just that this is a passing phase in every mothers life, especially sahms because they live those same moments everyday with new challenges thrown at them and yet they need to have patience for not just the baby but self and family. No work stress can be compared to that of looking after the baby all by self. Cheers to all the mothers out there.. It isn’t easy to do what you’re doing and if it were easy, then fathers would do it 😛



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