Worried about rashes? Don’t just change diapers, change your ordinary wipes.

My journey to motherhood began like most of you. I looked down at a pregnancy test and saw a positive sign. And did not believe what I saw. Ofcourse there was a sense of excitement as we (my husband and I) were ready for it. From that point on, my pregnancy began like so many others. Then ofcourse began the unending research on all the things required to welcome the baby into this world, from how to hold a baby to looking after to diapering, feeding, everything.

This was a very important task for us, the soon to be new parents. So I started contacting my friends and family for guidance. Especially the ones who were new mothers. First of all, they gave me a list of what all needs to be in my hospital bag. Apart from this, I needed some help around ideas to look after baby all by myself as we were a nuclear family. My very good friend from school told me that apart from nursing and burping and bathing the baby, diapering is the most essential part. It must take the top priority as well because especially new borns need a lot of Diaper changing during the initial few months. So slowly I gathered more insight into baby care during this phase when I had enough time to research.
Finally the day arrived when we were blessed with our little one. I remember when my baby was born, she used to pass stool like every 3 to 4 hours… Doctors say this is quiet normal for initial few weeks. Also they pass urine like hourly which was a great task again to keep a track. So I used to take utmost care to change her diaper frequently. I was suggested by a close family member, my cousin who was a new mommy too that it’s not only about diapers that help prevent rashes, it’s very important to know that even the wipes that one uses can harm the baby’s skin. I was surprised to know how this can be harmful on baby’s bottom.. Well I always used cotton and water to wipe her bottom. But this was definitely not possible when travelling or out to parties.
So I definitely needed some wipes that were as good as Cotton and water…. Finally, I learnt about the only brand which could do justice to the baby’s skin and that was mother Sparsh Water Wipes. The are made of 98% pure water, organic aloe Vera, vitamin E that help in gently cleansing baby’s skin and maintaining its natural moisture. These were the only wipes in the whole country to have been made with pure water, absolutely gentle on baby’s bottom, avoiding any rash or even skin rub. These pure water wipes were my best choice and was super elated to know I have the best care for my baby with these wipes.
I remember testing it on my skin too. And when I squeezed these water wipes, I could see pure transparent water like liquid flowing out as compared to any other baby brand wipes which have white residue after being squeezed. And these Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are India’s 1st water based wipes Brand. They feel like only pure water in my hand. The skin turned soft and supple, just as plain water would.
There’s is definitely no looking back after this. Henceforth I recommend these wipes to all my family and friends whenever they ask me a for a guidance. There can never be anything better than nature and natural care, especially when it comes to taking care of your new born babies 🙂 so make sure you make a very wise and noble decision too!

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