My First time experience with first-time water wipes.

Being a first time mommy is definitely special, be it for your new baby or even the first feeling of experiencing various moments with your baby. Parenthood sure has a lot of highs and lows for the initial phase. One such moment I remember with my baby was holding her for the first time. Babies are so tiny then and the entire experience of coming into this world is new to them as well. Hence its very important to make sure that they are kept santisied and comfortable as much as possible. My baby’s hygeine was always a priority for me over anything else.

Right from santizing her room to her clothes and her body took utmost importance. I took extra care to search for everything I used on her, from baby care products to organic clothes. Amidst all this research and experience of learning it all as a first time parent, both my husband and I were extra protective about her skin. We were told that the new born babies skin is very sensitive and more prone to rashes due to external factors. Hence we made sure that we use the best and safe to use products. I remember massaging her for the first time after 40 days. Also I started bathing her only after her umbilical cord had fallen off completely. As first time parent, I made sure I gather as much information about baby care from my friends and family. There were many of my friends and cousins who were new moms too, few months apart from me. I asked them their baby ritual. One of my very good friends suggested that I use only water to clean her bottom as anything else I use might be harsh and can cause rashes. Since a new born baby’s bottom needs very frequent cleaning and excessive use of diapers added to my worry. At home,I always used cotton balls and water to clean her skin. But I couldn’t do the same when traveling. That’s when one day, I chanced upon these brilliant water wet wipes available in the market. I couldn’t believe for the first time as I hadn’t heard of water based wet wipes available for babies. But I chose to research a bit more on it.

I looked more about it on the internet and found out that Mother Sparsh was the first ever brand in India to come out with water based wipes which is as good as pure water & cotton 98% Water, mild and gentle on baby’s skin. It is free from Alcohol & Parabens. Properties like pH balanced, Hypo-allergenic, Extra Moisture, Proven for effectiveness makes it suitable for baby right from birth.

No matter what we read and how much we research, there is something about new mothers that we want to check everything before we use it on our babies. Hence I placed an order online and got it delivered at my door step. I used it on my skin. I even squeezed a wipe to see what it has. Unlike many other wipes that leave a white residue behind, these mother Sparsh water wipes only had water. My skin felt very fresh as if washed with water. Hence I was absolutely satisfied about its safety. Ever since then,there has been no looking back or even a doubt about using it. Even today I always carry these wipes in my bag whenever I travel with my kid 🙂

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