Country’s best, safe, skin friendly and eco friendly water wet wipes for newborns.

Everytime we search or look for something to buy for our babies, we only punch in keywords like ‘natural’ and ‘safe’. When it comes to baby products, I also look for words like ‘skin friendly and eco friendly’. One such experience I’ve had recently was for my baby’s wet wipes that I use very frequently. I’ve learnt that one must always look for words like ‘hypoallergenic’ on the back of the products. I made sure I follow a list of safety measures while choosing my baby’s skin products.

Another important decision to make as a parent was whether to believe everything that exists in the market is safe or not. One cannot blindly believe what one sees also going word of mouth is an important discretion to make. More than 90% products or companies are always unsafe. They claim one thing and deliver another. Hence I started looking at the ingredients list at the back of the packaging. Must keep an eye open for chemicals in them. I’ve also learnt about wipes that claim to be 98% water wipes and so we get carried away by the greater no. But what we need to be cautious about is the rest of the 2% which we often neglect.

As a parent, I use wipes for cleaning not just my baby’s bum very often but also carry it in my bag very regularly for cleaning my baby’s hands and mouth, especially while traveling. Also babies get themselves dirty more frequently when outside home and it’s impossible to clean them with water and soap everytime. Hence I always looked for water based wet wipes. I have to make sure that they do not cause rashes on her skin when I rub it against her skin. Also babies end up licking their hands and fingers too often and they are prone to catching virus through them. Hence its very obvious that babies are exposed to those chemicals, some of which are found to be quite harmful to infants.

The ingredient that we must look out for is phenoxyethanol which is a preservative to avoid mold and bacterial growth in cosmetics including baby wipes. As per certain medical reports based on a research carried out in the past, it shows that infant oral exposure to phenoxyethanol can affect nervous system function if the concentration of phenoxyethanol is more than 1%. Most of the brands don’t mention the percentage of phenoxyethanol present in their wipes, unfortunately, this takes away almost 99% of the products off the list.

Here is a best baby wipe brand in the country that I’ve trusted and used ever since by baby was born.


I’ve always been a fan of ‘Mother Sparsh’ since the time I came to know about this brand. The best part being it’s unscented and it has a powerful air tight seal that keeps the moisture in these wipes locked. It’s very good also for extra sensitive skin. These new ones are 99% water wet wipes made from absolutely natural plant fibre/pulp, 3 times more thicker, it’s alcohol free, gentle on skin, non toxic, clinically proven and 100% biodegradable.

One can easily make out the difference as compared to other baby wipes like dove, mother care, Chicco, pigeon as other wipes I’ve used are comparatively thinner. Some of them tend to tear odd even before use and are grainy to see. when one opens the pack and holds the wipe, can easily understand the difference. While using mother’s sparsh water wipes, I felt like I was using a thick cloth fabric. It’s a high grade medical cloth. I’ve clicked picture of the wipes and you can witness the difference in the pictures below where the thicker one is mother sparsh wipes and the other is a different brand so to compare for yourself.

While the mother sparsh water wet wipes are absolutely unscented, as pure as water and rubs very clean without causing any rashes or redness since it’s as soft as cotton. No fragrance absolutely which also means it’s the perfect choice for a sensitive skin. It is the all new extra gentle baby wipes suitable for both hand and mouth cleaning.

I would sure recommend these wet wipes for newborns and babies as it has been tested and tried by me. My baby is a toddler now and I still use it for her without any hesitation.

So when are you trying these wipes? You bet you cannot stop yourself from using them once you try them. So get them NOW!









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