I’m a dreamer, a believer, a learner a, go-getter and most of all a mother who enjoys motherhood thoroughly. From being a technocrat, a soft skills trainer, a ramp model, an enthusiast to now a blogger cum writer. I love travelling, meeting people, socializing, watching interviews of famous personalities who create positive impact on society. My passion is writing and reading gives me happiness. I write broadly on anything and everything that effects us as humans, our society or whatever is relevant to the moment, mostly on parenting, education, relationships, empowerment, feminism, health care, motherhood and more.

There are highs and lows, ups and downs, good and bad days in everyone’s life and so has mine too. Yet, I have dared to follow my dreams and one such dream has been passion for writing. I started blogging in Feb this year and have curated more than 70 blog posts with various well known websites, some of which include Women’s Web, World of Moms, Mycity4kids, Blog Adda, Buding Star, Readomania and WordPress being my very own. Some accolades to feel proud of are –

1. My article, ‘My Single Mom- My Momspiration’  was chosen as one of the best parenting articles by mycity4kids for the month of May.

2. My blogger ranking has been as best as 3rd in March and 7th in August out of more than 2000 other bloggers for mycity4kids.

3. I have been associated with brands like Johnsons, Chicco, Dabur, Mother’s Horlicks, Junior Horlicks and have written brand articles for all of them.

4. Received certificate of appreciation from ICICI for Advantage Woman Awards for submitting an article of ‘women of courage’ under ‘Fund Your Own Worth’ campaign this month.

5. Participated in many activities and contests and won best books from Puffin India, Enid Blyton and Scholastic India.

I have recently also started content writing especially on health care and home remedies for various health and beauty concerns.

For me, the journey has just begun, though it has been a short journey so far, but very satisfying and full of learning. With your support, I look forward to creating more wonderful writings and fulfilling bigger dreams. Thanks a lot for being an honest and a great reader! I’m here for an enriching learning and sharing experience. So, do read my blogs, like, comment, suggest and share. Thanks & Happy Reading!