Love revisited for grandparents through the eyes of my daughter! #LoveJatao 

There cannot be any wonderful way than this occasion of ‘Love Jatao’ to one’s grandparents. Grandparents sure are blessing to have to the entire family. So before I go any further, wishing all grandparents across the globe a very happy grandparents day!

Unfortunately, I have lost both my grandparents early in life but indeed have absolutely fond memories of me with them. They have always been my great mentors, friends, who I could fall back on. My grandparents were the ones who would looked after me, loved me and played with me while my parents were away at work. I remember how my grand father used to get hold of his torch in the night and take me along to the near by kirana (general store) to buy me my favourite chocolates every time I demanded, that too at odd hours. I used to hold his hand and walk with him as he lovingly admired me. Those days, general stores were called kirana stores but now one doesn’t find many of those as super markets have taken over. My grand pa was the best I can vouch. He never missed getting me my favourite cakes and gifts on my birthdays. While my grandmother was a remarkable lady, very dignified. I remember her elegance in draping sari very beautifully and yet made the best of laddus for me in the kitchen. She would also lovingly run her fingers over my hair to oil. Oiling hair has been the most unforgettable experience because she would narrate stories to me while she massaged my head.

Soon after my grandparents expired, me moved into a different house where it was more of a nuclear family set up, with my parents and siblings. So I definitely started missing their presence.

On this grand parents day, I don’t have mine to celebrate with but I would love to share how my toddler daughter would spend it with her grand parents. I never want her to miss her childhood memories with her grand parents and so I make sure I travel with her very often to their homes so she gets to spend most of her childhood with them. We would make it special for them with personalized surprised planned. My daughter already has painted some of her crazy expressions of love on a piece of paper for them, she has also dipped her hands in some pastel oil paints to make her tiny hand impressions for them. We tried baking home made cakes and muffins to make it extra special. With balloons and galore, more like a birthday celebration, we would enter with our singing and dancing. We also got them gift hampers of their favourite goodies packed. We sure will make their day extra special. My daughter is most happiest in their presence and ofcourse they are happiest to see her too. They relive every memory and moment with her. It would be a treat to watch two generations come together this way and celebrate. A house is incomplete without the presence of grandparents.

This is my kiddo who has had the privilege of being with her great grand mother to share the love last year in her village in Himachal.

I  believe that no happiness can be as special as the grandparents and grandchildrens’ bond of love. And I feel immensely blessed that my daughter has their presence and is able to cherish their love.

Gone are those days when we captured memories through cameras (not mobile cameras for sure) with reels. We used to be very careful of clicking the best ones only unlike today when we can instantly click as many, without bothering and sharing even quickly. We used to wait for the photographs to be printed and come to us to see what those moments looked like. Nothing like a quick throwback on childhood memories. On grandparents day today, sharing my youngest times photograph with my Dada Ji. Miss him!

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed. Cheers! 



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